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"It feels like we're working with our family, we trust them implicitly"

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My name is Peter Haigh. I’ve been with Bray Wealth for over 30 years, and my adviser is Nick Swartout.

I was trying to work out my pensions, to see what my planning should be for the future; I liked to save, and I’d got a recommendation to talk to Bray Wealth through a friend of mine, and that’s the point where I met Ken Bray, who, obviously, is the founder of the company.

Ken was a really nice guy, very chatty, very convincing, and spent a lot of time with me talking through what he could do for us, as a family and me as a person, and really, that just continued in lots of meetings and conversations, and obviously, over the years, we reviewed all our plans, and it was always generally going pretty well.

First of all, there was mortgage planning. So that was the first conversation that I had with Ken, and he advised me and gave me some options regarding who to go to, what plans we would have, and how long that would be. He also sorted out my mortgage when we bought the house that I’m in today, and the mortgage term is just about to come up now.

Then we’ve had investment advice in terms of ISAs, etcetera. Beyond that, there’s been retirement planning, personal pensions, and then, obviously, I’ve been involved with my parents’ planning and their monies, taxes, and Inheritance Tax points. So, we’ve been through all of those, and the last one, of course, was my personal pension and retirement plans.

I feel very comfortable talking to them about our finances; they explain everything really clearly. When my wife and I go there to see them, everything’s on the charts; they tell us what we can look forward to, how much we can spend, and we’ve worked out our income. I’ve got a lot of peace of mind with them; I’m confident and secure with them, so I don’t have any worries at all.

The best piece of advice that I’ve been given is probably to retire, and the rest of it has been sorting out things like my mother’s finances, making sure that Inheritance Tax, things were sorted out, and that my sisters and I were in a good place moving forward.

The three words I would describe Bray Wealth with would be trustworthy; they give me peace of mind and make me feel very confident and secure in my financial future.

The best thing is probably that we feel like we’re working with part of our family now because of the trust that we have and the relationships that we have. It’s a small team, very personal, and I can’t say anything better than that or more than that.

I’d definitely recommend them, and I have also referred quite a few friends to them, and they have gone to Bray Wealth and stayed with Bray Wealth over the years, so I don’t think there’s any better thing for me to say than that: top company, top people.