Janie Martin

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"Working with Nick makes me feel financially looked after"

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My name is Janie Martin, and I’ve been with Bray Wealth for over 20 years. I have a fabulous financial adviser, who’s called Nick.

Bray Wealth was introduced to me by a friend of mine, who obviously knew Ken Bray extremely well. Christopher Fisher introduced me and said, “Janie, sort out your finances; you need a man to help you.” Being single, you don’t really have somebody else to be able to advise you on those day-to-day activities. So, I met dear, lovely Ken, and we started being proactive with my money instead of reactive.

Nick Swartout has been somebody who’s been absolutely constant with me as I progressed in my career and in what I have as my interests. We meet every year financially to discuss what my goals are and to review where my finances lie. When somebody knows you, it’s great because they know how you tick.

I think the best advice that I’ve had from Nick working with him over the years is to absolutely understand where you feel comfortable investing your money. You know, you need to be able to feel that the investment is at a level that isn’t so high risk that you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I think Nick and I, over the years, have absolutely found the right area for me to feel that my money has been invested, and I feel comfortable about the risk factor and the benefits.

Working with Nick makes me feel financially looked after, and if you think about today’s world, yes, maybe you are paid a salary and you have a bank account, but, you know, to be financially looked after I think is hugely important.

Nick, for me personally, is somebody that I absolutely trust. I’d have to say that I like him; it’s very important to like somebody you trust, and he really does look after me.

The best thing about working with Nick is that, over the years, we’ve both established that we could have a much better meeting on a golf course. So now we scrap our meetings in the office when we can, and we actually just go and play golf and talk for four hours, which is much better and worth every penny.

I would highly recommend Bray Wealth and have done so to a number of my friends over the years. Interestingly, I find it quite fascinating how some people don’t work with financial advisers. I can only say it’s an utter plus to have in your life, and I would absolutely always recommend Bray Wealth first.