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"I feel confident about my future thanks to Bray Wealth's advice"

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My name is Angelo D’Aloia, and I’ve been a client of Bray Wealth Management for four years. My financial manager is John Finley.

I had various pension schemes, and these have accumulated over my lifetime of work since the age of 25. I was in my mid-50s, and I had various pensions. I needed someone to look into it for me and decide what was the best way forward, as I wanted to get to a point where I could retire early.

I was quite naive about pensions and how they work, so I needed some expert advice on what the best way was to reinvest the pensions, whether they were performing correctly, and whether they were performing at the best rate. So, I just went in with an open mind to see what the future might hold for me.

I first heard about Bray Wealth at a social event when I met John Findlay, my financial adviser. When we got talking, John explained what he did, and I got to hear about Bray Wealth Management. I felt very comfortable with John, and I felt he was someone I could trust. In fact, when I did go and visit John at his office, I was impressed by his honesty with my investments and the advice he gave me.

Three words I would use to describe Bray Wealth are very “approachable”, “efficient”, and “trustworthy”. I feel very confident about my future; they are people I can trust, and I’ve got confidence in them. They’ve just been tremendous support for me and my set of circumstances.

Bray Wealth helped me take the steps to retire early due to a change of circumstances, and they were able to show me how I could invest my money. They gave me various options, and they advised me on which would be the best option. For me, at the time, it was the drawdown method option, and they told me they could invest this money, and I would be able to receive a monthly income as a drawdown. That made me so happy when I was able to see what I could receive.

The best thing for me about working with John and Bray Wealth is that they always give me good advice. I know I can always go to them anytime, at any point, and ask for their advice, and they always come up with the right answer for me.

I would absolutely recommend John and the Bray Wealth team. In fact, I have recommended them to some of my neighbours and a family member, and he’s been a tremendous help to them. My family member thanked me so much. They’re just so genuine, and my cousin, who I recommended them to, said, “I trust him 100% with my money.” Everyone’s happy.