Bray Wealth team update: supporting the local community

At Bray Wealth, our main focus is helping our clients create a financial plan and achieve their goals in life. That said, we also recognise that there are many people in the local area who might need support in other ways.

That’s why several members of the Bray Wealth team dedicate their time to various charitable causes nearby.

Read on to learn about some of the brilliant work that Katie and Mo have been getting involved with in our team update.

Katie supports vulnerable children with Guildford Action

Guildford Action is an amazing charity that offers a wide range of support to families and individuals struggling to cope with everyday life. Their various programmes support vulnerable groups including the homeless and families struggling with poverty or domestic abuse.

Our very own Katie Maslowski is part of a new project called Big Brother, Big Sister (BBBS) with Guildford Action. The scheme matches adults with vulnerable children who need a consistent and safe adult to guide them through life.

Through their work with their “little sibling”, mentors provide a sense of security that these children may not have at home or elsewhere. By creating long-lasting relationships with children from a young age, the “big siblings” can help them overcome adverse childhood experiences and navigate significant transitions in life with confidence.

Katie was matched with her little sibling, Lilly, in April of this year, and they have already enjoyed many days out and activities together. So far, there have been four BBBS matches but there are still lots of children waiting to meet their big siblings!

Katie is looking forward to spending more time with Lilly in the years to come and supporting her as she grows up.

If you are interested in the BBBS mentoring programme and the vital work that it does in the local community, you can sign up to be a mentor or make donations through the Guildford Action website.

Mo volunteers at Frimley Park hospital after recovering from Guillain-Barré syndrome

Sadly, our technical administrator Mo Painter was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) in August 2021.

GBS is an incredibly rare illness, and the exact cause is still not known. It makes your own immune system attack your nerves, damaging the myelin sheath covering of the nerves. The symptoms are normally felt in the hands and feet first, and patients are likely to experience numbness, pain, pins and needles, and muscle weakness.

Unfortunately, it can spread rapidly throughout the body and, in severe cases, may become life-threatening.

Within one week of noticing her symptoms, GBS rendered Mo completely paralysed and she needed to be put on a ventilator as she could no longer breathe for herself.

This was an incredibly difficult time for all of us at Bray Wealth. The road to recovery was long and taxing as Mo spent a total of four months in hospital, including six weeks in the intensive care unit. But, thanks to her fighting spirit and the support of her loved ones, Mo made a tremendous recovery and returned to the office in April 2022.

After recovering and readjusting to life again, Mo decided that she wanted to offer support to other people who are going through similar experiences to her own.

She now volunteers at Frimley Park Hospital, which is her way of giving back to the amazing medical staff who saved her life. She can also offer valuable insight and encouragement to those in critical care as she understands some of what they are going through.

We are very proud of the work that both Katie and Mo are doing, and it demonstrates our dedication to supporting our local community.