4 brilliant local causes to support during Small Charity Week

Monday 24 to Friday 28 June is “Small Charity Week”. This initiative aims to give more visibility to small local charities that do vital work in the community and might not get the same support as larger organisations.

There is a whole host of events run by Small Charity Week that could help you learn more about supporting these causes.

One of the best things you can do is look for groups local to you and support them. You might do this by donating money, giving your time, or simply spreading awareness of the charity. Luckily, there are lots of worthy charities nearby, some of which you might already be familiar with.

Read on to learn about four brilliant local causes to support during Small Charity Week.

1. Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care

The first entry on the list is one that’s close to our hearts at Bray Wealth. Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care is an incredible charity providing palliative and end-of-life care to patients in north-west Surrey.

Ken Bray, our founder, was cared for in the hospice and we’ve worked closely with the charity since his passing in 2020. We hosted “KenFest” in 2021, in celebration of Ken’s life and the incredible support that the hospice gave him. This event raised £50,000 for this worthwhile charity and we hope to continue working with them in the future.

There are several ways you can support Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care during Small Charity Week and beyond. They’re always looking for fundraisers and volunteers, they have a full calendar of events, and if you’re a business owner you might consider a corporate sponsorship.

Alternatively, you could pay a visit to the dedicated charity shop on Chobham High Street. Even a small contribution helps this amazing charity support people living with life-threatening illnesses.

2. Children with Special Needs Foundation

The Children with Special Needs Foundation is a brilliant charity located in Chobham, offering wide-ranging support to children with additional needs of all kinds. They work with individual families, raising funds to purchase specialist equipment that could help improve the quality of life for the children.

The charity also does some great work with local schools, helping them create valuable experiences for children with special needs. For example, in 2023, they donated funds to Guildford Grove School to pay for horse-riding lessons at stables specially designed for disabled students.

You can make a donation to the Children with Special Needs Foundation on their website and learn more about the fundraising events they host on a regular basis.

3. Home Start

Raising a family is challenging and parents may need a helping hand, particularly when they become overwhelmed or face difficulties with their mental health. Local charity Home Start is here to provide that support.

They’ve been working with families for more than 30 years, giving advice and practical help to parents who:

  • Feel isolated
  • Struggle with childcare responsibilities
  • Have difficulty dealing with their own or their child’s disability
  • Face emotional distress due to bereavement or divorce.

These are some of the most common reasons that the charity works with families, but they are there to support parents in whatever way they need. Ultimately, this means that the children get the best start in life.

Volunteers work with families to help them plan days out, find local resources, prepare children for the transition to school, and build confidence in parents. You could support the charity by becoming a volunteer yourself. Alternatively, you could host fundraising events on their behalf or create a corporate sponsorship if you’re a business owner.

4. The Floral Project

Loneliness and isolation are growing issues in the modern world. The Floral Project, based just outside Chobham, is a unique business that gives us a simple way to help combat loneliness with the gift of flowers.

The business sells seeds and provides growing information for native flowers that you can easily cultivate in your garden. The Floral Project encourages you to gift these flowers to people in the local community or even donate them to charities that can deliver them to people in need.

Unlike many cut flowers you purchase, everything that the Floral Project sells is environmentally friendly. Growing and gifting these flowers is a simple gesture but it could mean a lot to somebody facing difficulties in their life.

Which of these amazing causes are you hoping to support this Small Charity Week?